Holing up for winter

This is the time of year when I typically like to hole up for the winter and get some serious writing done.  To get myself started, I wrote a new poem.

Words are not allowed here

Words are not allowed here.
They fail to capture the sun
so grateful to shine upon you,
warming our tangled sheets
in the Spartan days of winter.

Words are not allowed here.
Inadequate to describe
the briny taste of your damp skin,
kissed by a jealous sea
but savoured by my lips alone.

Words are not allowed here.
Be content with the slapping
sound of rough hands on ruddling cheeks,
sharp teeth on downy thighs
and hothouse breath that lures the rose.

Words are not allowed here.
Speak only in tongues laden
with desire and choking on need,
for words are not allowed.

© 2016 gibson grand