SPLIT is now available!

I'm very pleased and honored to be included in this recently published collection of essays/stories about the end of marriage and what happens next.  SPLIT collects sixteen stories written by divorced writers exploring what led them to divorce, how they lived through it, and perhaps most importantly, who they are now that it’s over.

SPLIT features established and emerging writers from diverse backgrounds and provide essays that are true stories of grief and parenting; of queerness, kink, and compromise; of artistic differences and academic dissonance; of mental health and addiction.


Bo Abeille
Janelle Asselin
Hadar Aviram
Kathryn Briggs
CK Burch
Jennifer Culp
Lucia Duncan
Ray Fawkes
Gibson Grand
William Henderson
Anna Graham Hunter
Jeana Jorgensen
Sarah Rose Sharp
Katie West
Chip Zdarsky

I found the stories to be incredibly moving and inspirational.  Get yerself a copy here.