To my friend, the guttering candle

To my friend the guttering candle
 equal parts light and shadow flickering
 no festering behind closed doors with
 the mothers plotting to kill their children
 with long overdue library books
 their fathers counting every dime every
 indiscretion if they are even there at all
 their fathers still dreaming of topless bars
 and strawberry flavored cocaine rubbed gently
 on their genitals in bathroom stalls

To my friend the guttering candle
 illuminating a chorus of drunks singing
 the lonely song of the whale who is
 rarely seen because he swims at such great
 depths and holds his breath until closing until
 everyone else has gone home alone
 like he does like I do
 forgetting that sometimes we scream
 because we’ve got something to say but
 more often just to be heard

To my friend the guttering candle
 remember you are not alone
 this is a city of misshapen candles
 pouring out our wax

© 2018 Gibson Grand